Reimagine Child Protection

Dr. Jessica Pryce, Instructor

An online course on strengthening families using an equity lens. 


Reimagine Child Protection

Dr. Jessica Pryce, Instructor

An online course on strengthening families using an equity lens. 

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A leader committed to the wellbeing of vulnerable children and families, the sustainability of the child welfare workforce, and effectively addressing inequity.

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Enjoy the flexibility of 100% online course delivery while gaining insights from research-informed content.

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Progress at your own pace and hone practical skills essential for enhancing child and family well-being.


Acquire CEs toward your Child Welfare and Social Work Certification.

Our mindset about families (how we view them) impacts our feelings about them, which informs how much power we share with them. All of which influence our beliefs about their condition and potential, which over-determines what we will do (how we operate). This 4-part course will guide each participant towards reimagining child protection by centering families, thereby promoting child safety. It includes material focused on mindset, belief systems and different ways to operate with equity at the center. This course will take child welfare professionals and their community partners on a journey of self-reflection, radical growth, and re-affirm their commitment to service and safety for communities. 


Professionals Who Have Found This Course Useful:

  • Child Protection (caseworker/investigators)
  • Social Work (clinicians and counselors)
  • Child Welfare Leadership (supervisors, managers, directors, policymakers)
  • Juvenile and Criminal Justice (probation officers and victim advocates)
  • Law (guardian ad litem, attorneys, judges, police officers)
  • Education (teachers, school counselors)
  • Medicine (nurses and physicians)

Voices of Impact

Alexandra Koscielny

Family Focused Treatment Association

"Amazing presentation! Dr. Pryce gave our team a really interesting perspective on how we can start shifting power to impact vulnerable families. Her information gave everyone a lot to think about. Overall, I could listen to Dr. Pryce talk all day!"

Taylor Dudley

UCLA Pritzker Center

"We have heard positive feedback from participants nationwide. Her style is concise and powerful, and the content she delivers is both innovative and inspiring. Our team remarked that Dr. Pryce's training was personally impactful and professionally transformative."

Bridget Koza

Utah Court Improvement Program

"We received such great feedback from Dr. Pryce’s presentation. One of our core principles focuses on racial equity and we have a section in our guiding practices that discusses cultural humility, so her presentation connected so well!"

Rayna R. Charles

Director of Prevention & Family Support Training - Children's Trust

"Dr. Pryce is a truly exceptional presenter with the unique ability to engage audiences on challenging topics. She skillfully serves as both a mirror and a window, enabling profound introspection while inviting everyone into the conversation. Her level of preparation, organizational skills, and professionalism are exemplary."

Watch the Course Trailer: 

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Dr. Pryce began her career as a child protective investigator which has informed her commitment to transforming the foundation of how the system operates. 

For the past 15 years, Dr. Pryce has been involved in child welfare, at multiple angles. She has published on child welfare related topics, such as, training and education, racial disparity and anti-poverty practices. She has presented this material at over 200 virtual and in-person conferences both nationally and internationally. She is thrilled to be able to offer it in this online format.


Course Overview

Module 1: History, Policy and Research 

Data has consistently revealed to us that our system, although well-intentioned, has created harm to many of the families we sought to help. This module will discuss the origin of child welfare, and how history and policy has shaped our current operations. This  module creates an awareness of the infrastructure of our system, and it will illuminate the implications continuing with business as usual. Additionally, this training module will focus on a discussion of the evolutionary change that we have all experienced within our system, yet the absence of revolutionary change. The facilitator will discuss policy evolution and how each change has impacted our child welfare workforce and outcomes for families. 
Recognize how history has shaped our current child welfare policies, practices and procedures.
Discover research-informed explanatory factors for disparity and disproportionality. 
Define evolutionary change and revolutionary change.

Module 2: Power Sharing and Protective Factors 

This module will focus on how child welfare professionals can collaborate with families to enhance their capacity to protect their own children. Family engagement is a key strategy for identifying and cultivating resilience. This training will focus on the power and privilege that our system holds and how we
can meaningfully share that power with families thereby illuminating their protective factors. Building relationships with
families who come into our system takes a level of self and cultural humility, understanding, and trust.
The instructor will provide considerations for professionals as they engage in their work with vulnerable families 
and their extended family members. 

Identify strategies that enhance family engagement.
Demonstrate the ability to share power with vulnerable families.
Define different levels of power deconstruction within child welfare.

Module 3: Courageous Leadership and Shifting Mindsets 

This module will begin with the premise that all professionals in the child welfare system should be guided by a singular focus: Strengthening Families. There will be a discussion of philosophical positions on the view of parenting and how the mindsets of our child welfare workforce impact decision making. All participants will be challenged to consider their own mindset and learn practical ways to create accountability within our organizations. Courageous leadership will be introduced as an initiator of revolutionary change in organizational mindset.

Identify ineffective mindsets and how they impact equitable outcomes in child welfare.
Demonstrate awareness of how organizational mindsets impact families.
List attributes of courageous leadership within a child welfare context.

Module 4: Community Framework for Family Wellbeing 

This module will explore strategies that are driving change around the country as champions work
tirelessly to build an anti-racist system that strengthens our most vulnerable families. Dr. Pryce has spent time interviewing leaders from around the country who have had meaningful change within their organizations. She has used those interviews to begin to build out a framework for an anti-racist child welfare system. There will be a practical discussion of how these leaders are becoming catalysts for change in their communities. 

Identify at least two strategies being utilized to promote equity in our country.
List practices which cultivate leadership fortitude.
Demonstrate understanding of systemic change and the inclusion of family voice. 

Suggested Reading For This Course

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